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The area surrounding Schlossgut Schwante is home to countless attractions and sights. Among its many offerings are short and extended bike tours and hikes, nature and wildlife excursions, and sports activities.

Neighboring Kremmen is known for its charming old town, the Church of St. Nikolai Church, and historic barn district.
(distance approx. 6 km)

In nearby Groß-Ziethen, you can visit the Schloss Ziethen; the manor’s history dates back to 1355. Bike rentals are also available.
(distance approx. 6 km)

At the Karolinenhof, a goat dairy and meadow cafe, a herd of 130 goats awaits your visit.  
(distance approx. 17 km)

The historic Bockwindmühle windmill in Vehlefanz is well worth a visit.
(distance approx. 1.7 km)

The idyllic Mühlensee, which covers about 50 hectares and was dammed up in the 1970s, is about a ten-minute walk from the Schlossgut (700 meters). It is not a lake for swimming. Instead, enjoy a two-hour hike around the lake and its jetties (distance approx. 8 km).

The Tier-Freizeit-und Urzeit-Park Germendorf, an amusement park and zoo, is a great attraction for children.
(distance approx. 6 km)

The Beetzer See in Beetz has a nice stretch of beach. There are also several smaller bathing spots around the lake and a path that is about 3 km long.
(distance approx. 13 km)

The impressive Schloss Oranienburg is one of the most important Baroque buildings in Brandenburg, with a palace garden from the time of King Frederick I and the orangery of Prince Augustus Wilhelm. 
(distance approx. 12 km)

At the Gedenkstätte Sachsenhousen, the memorial and museum’s permanent exhibition provides information about the history of the concentration camp in Oranienburg.
(distance approx. 14 km)

During crane season, from the end of September to early November, a visit to the Storchendorf Linum “stork village” is a must.

Here you will find not only the lagoons of the Teichland Linum and the Storchenschmiede, the conservation group NABU’s information center, but also the neogothic village church and the 35-meter high victory column in Hakenberg, a memorial to the Battle of Fehrbellin of 1675, which offers breathtaking panoramic views.

Every year, especially in the fall, tens of thousands of cranes roost in Linum’s lagoons. The Storchenschmiede Linum offers numerous guided tours and events related to the morning and evening migration of these fascinating birds.
(distance approx. 17 km)

The nearby Schloss Sommerswalde is home to a community of Buddhist monks. Tours are offered by appointment.
(distance approx. 3 km)

Also worth a trip is the picturesque palace Schloss Rheinsberg on the Grienericksee, where Frederick the Great spent the happiest years of his life when he was still crown prince. His younger brother, Prince Henry of Prussia, later transformed it into a charming example of the early Neoclassical style.
(distance approx. 50 km)

The golf courses Kallin (distance approx. 20 km) and Wall (distance approx. 17 km) are nearby.

For further information about all the sights in Kremmen, Oberhavel, and the Ruppiner Land, as well as city tours of Kremmen’s historic old town and excursions to the Rhinluch wetlands, and much more, visit, the city of Kremmen’s tourist information center in the historic barn district, the Touristeninformationspunkt (TIP) der Stadt Kremmen im Scheunenviertel.

Phone: 033055-21161 or 033055-21159